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Minden Municipal Swimming Pool
Minden Swimming Pool
Kim Olson & Keaton Gracey
Pool Managers

Minden Municipal Swimming Pool
508 E. 9th
Minden, NE  68959

Ph: (308) 832-2605

Monday - Sunday
1:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Memorial Day to mid-to-late August
(Weather permitting)

Pool Hours 2018:
  •       August 1- 5: 1-7:30 pm
  •       School Hours Begin Monday, August 6th
    •        August 6-12: 1-5 pm
    •        August 18-19: 1-5 pm
    •        August 25-26: 1-5 pm
    •        September 1-3: 1-5 pm
  •       Last Day: September 3rd

Events (free admission):
  •       Back-To-School Party: August 17th, 2018 from 5-6 pm
  •        Diving For Pennies: August 21st, 2018 from 5-6 pm
  •        Squirt Gun & Floaties Party: August 28th, 2018 from 5-6 pm
  •        Puppy Plunge: September 3rd, 2018 starting at 5 pm

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  • Patrons are allowed to use the phone to call for a ride.  Phone is NOT to be used to call for forgotten items or to call friends.
Lightning / Thunder / Storms
  • Patrons will be moved into the bathhouse during lightning, thunder, and rain. According to the National Lightening Safety Institute (NLSI), we must wait 30 minutes after the thunder and lightning stop entirely before letting patrons get back into the water. 

Tornado Watch
  • The manager on duty will notify lifeguards on duty of the weather situation.  If a tornado watch is issued, relay the information to everyone in the facility so swimmers may start home or use the phone to call for a ride.  Patrons can seek shelter in the pool bathhouse for safety.

Tornado Warning
  • In case of a tornado warning, guards will clear pool immediately. Generally, there is 3 minutes after a warning is issued before a tornado hits so it is very important to be able to guide occupants to the designated shelter area as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Guards will blow their whistles to gain the attention of the patrons, and announce that they have to clear the pool immediately due to a tornado warning. It may not be possible to move all occupants into this area so it is necessary to be aware of specific things to AVOID if the shelter area cannot be reached. 

  • No food or drinks allowed in pool area; water in plastic container is allowed
  • Absolutely NO running
  • No dunking
  • No play objects in the deep water
  • No pushing
  • Stay off ropes
  • One bounce on the boards
  • Only two people on the boards at one time
  • No backing up on the boards
  • Eligibility for the deep requires swimming across the deep end and back for lifeguards on duty
  • No shoulder riding
  • Appropriate swim attire must be worn at all times
  • No profanity or abusive language will be tolerated
  • Children under 8 must be supervised by an adult or caregiver at all times.  The caregiver must be at least 14 years of age.
  • Children 4 years old and under, as well as all non-swimmers, must be within arm’s reach of a supervising adult or caregiver at all times.  The caregiver must be at least 14 years of age.  Lifejackets/floaties of any kind indicate the child is a non-swimmer.
  • Ten-minute rest breaks will occur every hour. Patrons should use this time to sit and rest away from the edge of the pool. If you are 18 years of age or older, you may remain swimming.
  • Swimmers will not be permitted into the pool if muddy
  • Lifeguards reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if improper conduct is exhibited

Season Passes / Day Passes
  • Daily pool admission: $5 for 12 & older  / $4 for 12 & under
  • Season passes: $100 for families / $125 for families +2 / $50 for individuals

Red Cross Swimming Lessons
  • June 11-15 & June 25 -30, 2018
    • Level 1 - 10:00-10:30 am
    • Level 1 - 9:00 - 9:30 am
    • Level 2 - 9:30-10:00 am
    • Level 3 & 4 - 8:30-9:00 am
  • Max of 10 students per session per level, MINIMUM AGE 5
  • $25 per session
  • Sign up here

Grievance Form
If you have a grievance, follow the link below to report to the City Administrator.
Click here for Grievance Form

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