Rowe Sanctuary

The National Audubon Society's Rowe Sanctuary is located two miles south of the GibboRowe Sanctuaryn Interstate 80 Interchange and two miles west at 44450 Elm Island Road. The Audubon Center is the second largest straw bale constructed building in the United States. You will be just yards away from the river in the Audubon Center where you can sit comfortably and view the wild life or you can experience the outdoors fully when you gain access to the flat waters of the Platte River and experience the outdoors for yourself. Along the river wetlands and woodlands, you can meander on the trails that wind along the river bank into secluded arbors where only the low rustle of the leaves can be heard. This is also where tens of thousands of Sand Hill Cranes and other migratory birds visit each year on their way north. Come experience the beauty of the Platte River. For a complete list of educational programs or seminars, call 308-468-5282 or visit the Rowe Sanctuary website