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Marcy Brandt Moves Her Kids Back to Attend Minden Public Schools

Marcy Brandt was born in Minden, raised in Minden, attended school in Minden, and graduated from Minden High School. She left Minden to go to college in Kansas, after which, she got married and skipped around from town to town in Kansas. She even moved back to Minden for a couple of years before moving to Kansas City. All in all, Brandt was away for about a total of 16 years.

"My reasons for returning to Minden were numerous," says Marcy. "We lived in Kansas City for five years and I would often find myself breathing a sigh of relief whenever we would leave the city. It was as if the stress of city life would just melt away when I would leave. While I enjoyed my friends, job, and church there, I was never fully happy living in such an urban environment."

"So when I got a divorce and became a single mom with three kids, my decision to move back to Minden to be near family and back to where I knew I had a great support network was the easiest decision I've ever made. I knew that not only would my kids have the benefit of being near my parents, but that they would have all of the benefits of living in a small town."

"I was most attracted to Minden by the quality of living – a quality that hadn't changed much since I had grown up here. People still know their neighbors. Children can play and live without fear. The schools aren't inundated with gangs and violence. I also think that Minden's schools are outstanding."

"Now as the current Minden Opera House Director, life just seems more laid back and real here. I also love the unique things that Minden has to offer (the Christmas pageant and lights, Pioneer Village, the Minden Opera House) and more. It's a very clean, picturesque community and it has a real sense of pride."

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