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Dustin SchwenkaAgri-Business Opportunity Calls Dustin Schwenka Back Home

Dustin Schwenka was born and raised a couple miles outside of Minden on a farm. After graduating from Minden High School, he moved to Lincoln, NE to attend college, and worked and lived there for five years.

"When I moved home, I started working for AgVenture Seeds as a salesman/agronomist, where I'm still currently employed. Moving back to my hometown was never really an interest of mine when I went away to college, but as the years went on, I started missing the community and just the overall rural setting that Minden has to offer. The traffic in Minden is a lot less aggravating, which was never the case living in a bigger city, and Minden has a down-to-earth feeling you get when you talk and meet people in the community. Another factor was that I still had family and friends living here."

"I enjoy living in Minden because of the easy going attitude, and the community always willing to help each other out when someone is in need. That's one thing that really stands out, is how so many people are willing to lend a hand whenever you need it."

"I think Minden is doing a good job focusing on family activities for the community. For example, utilizing the opera house which was really just getting started when I moved away and the improvements they have made all over town like re-paving a lot of the streets."

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